Redefining The Mohawk Hair Look


I’m a trend setter, who loves taking risk. The hair style I love today is the Mohawk, this hair style was always seeing on men; it consisted of a simple shaved sides, with longer hair straight down the middle of the head or spiked up with gel like pointed needles. Moving forward women now redefine the look in many styles, such as: Faux Hawk/Mohawk. Being stylish, sophisticated, and having an attracted look.

The first look I wore was the Faux Hawk in 2013, then a year later my look was modified to the Mohawk. Having the skills to style my own hair, allowed me the advantage to transition into any style I want to accomplish, not spending a lot of money especially when you are on a budget going to a hair stylist, and leaving dissatisfied with the results.

Everywhere I go whether to the grocery store, mall, gas stationed people of all ages, male or female stop me with a compliment on my hair and clothes. Currently I’m the only person in my City as a female sporting a unique retro Mohawk. I consider myself to be unique with a great personality, that shows not only in my hair but also my style of clothing.


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