One evening my BFF text me a movie she wanted to watch on Netflix called “Serena”, I told her sounds like a good girl flick, I text yes, I will watch it with some marshmallow hot chocolate, she said, yes with whip cream, my respond was that sounds even better, going to make it now, we  paused for intermission break to make our drinks. This is a picture of what her whip cream hot chocolate looked like: now this is a classy hot chocolate

We both text each other when we where ready to start the movie, living in a small city we are always coming with creative ideas that majority of the time turn out to be fun and entertaining. Let me say a little about the movie “Serena  a married couple builds a thriving business and rises above the Depression together–until issues of infertility and an illegitimate child arise. Starring: Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Rhys Ifans”. The plot for this movie was very good, it kept us on our toes.

As we text back and forth giving our own opinions about the movie, made it very exciting and entertaining, we where texting how Bradley’s eyes first looked into Jennifer’s eyes during a horse tournament from that moment they fell in love with each other and where married. She seemed at first to be this beautiful yet strong woman with ambition and knowing what she wanted in life, but in the middle of the movie things changed and she was very domineering towards him, wanting to be the main man in the Town and demanding to be respected by the community therefore stripping her husband of his position.

We where texting observing Bradley’s wife Jennifer had him whipped and he did not even have a clue what was going on, because of his deep love for her, he was blind to what his wife’s intention where. This movie will keep you on your toes, and your adrenalin high. I’m not going to give the rest of the  movie away, just in case someone wants to watch it.  I think text a movie night is a great idea, especially on very cold nights and no one wants to leave their house. This creative idea is not only for those living in a small city, but it can especially benefit a large city also.  Have fun and think of ways to enjoy your friendship without spending a lot of money.




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